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Product Features:

“Sentry V2” is a genius phone call blocker with high quality. All substance & chip are attempted by CE, FCC.

Multi-functions with Sentry call blocker.

At first the fundamental process, blacklist work press REJECT, all calls with call id will be blocked.

Secondly, for a few calls without exhibiting call id, open BLOCK NO CID, then all calls without demonstrating call id will be blocked

Lastly, turn on the white list (chose cautioning voice from A/B/C on Sentry), all new calls need to press”0″ and normally saved to the White once-over forever (unless you oust it or change to blacklist).

There are few modes to choose like,

Just Choose Sentry, won’t be upset

Selling Points:

  • New guest will hear warning voice from Sentry. So Sentry can 100% blockelection calls, 99% block telemarketing calls.
  • Just Press “0”, new caller’s number was added to white summary forever. So caller can make call to you as regularly next time.
  • Turn on “BLOCK NO CID” on Sentry, all calls without demonstrating call id will be blocked.
  • Choose “OFF” on Sentry, white list limit won’t work while blacklist still work.
  • White list function develop the limit of the blocker in a way, besides, there are 1500 numbers capacity (include two records) with Sentry.
  • CT-CID808 back

Features are:

  • Sentry Call Blocker
  • Manule
  • ARJ11 cord