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Brand new version of Sentry telephone call blocker. Many changes on Sentry Version2.

There is a keypad with Sentry variation 3.Include numbers &letters to white list by keypad is less demanding.

Product Contains:

  • Sentry V3 call blocker
  • Manule
  • ARJ11 cord
  • 1 Box contains 40pieces

Two lists with Sentry Version 3, Lists are Whitelist & Blacklist

Each new call to your phone (connect with Sentry) will get a warning from Sentry. And visitor needs to press “0”, and then they will be added to white once-over unendingly unless you remove it. Or you can add numbers and letters to white once-over physically.

Keypad: adding numbers and letters to white list is much simpler.

Blacklist: adding undesirable numbers to blacklist, then Sentry will block them.